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It is not often that one gets a superior product at a lower cost. This is the undisputable exception; with SMS and MMS (picture and plain text messages) costing cents each on some plans, it's hard for the competition to keep pace.


Sending SMS and/or MMS cost the same:

We know that a picture is worth a thousand words, that is why we are the only mobile messaging vendor that empowers you to visually enrich your communication and marketing campaigns with pictures; all for the same low cost! Almost all our competitor use a "credit system" to charge you three times the cost of SMS to send MMS. Check their fine prints and you will see that 1 SMS = 1 Credit while 1 MMS = 3 Credits.

Sending SMS and/or MMS cost the same:

Features and Tools

Our text-merge and our SMS to email features has left the competition weeping and trying to imitate us.

Features and Tools

Excellent Customer Service (800-214-4235)

We are here to help you whether it is a simple tasks or setting up a complex MMS or SMS text message campaign. Our helpdesk is opened from 9-7pm Monday through Friday. Even so, our telephone messages and emails to support are monitored 24/7. After business hours issues are typically responded to with 2 hours.

Excellent Customer Serivce


Our clients trust us with their sms marketing and mobile communication because of our competence, honesty and reliability. We consistently provide intelligible evidence that we are trustworthy to both prospective and current clients. We achieve this in the following four ways:

  • Proxy evidence: We have a license operate and other certifications, which we rely upon the government and the following authorities to oversee, certify and verify.
  • Anecdotal evidence: We have reliable sent millions of text messages for our clients, therefore, you can expect the same level of service.
  • Real evidence: You can use the system anytime to prove the speed, the ease of use, talk with customer service; essentially verifying our application and other claims regarding cost or commitment.
  • Retrospective evidence: Excellent verifiable client reviews and customer satisfaction.