If you are a CIO, principal or an administrator in an academic institution you should enhance communications within your academic community by using SMS and MMS (Text Messaging). With TextingEngine's sub-account feature, you can empower individual departments with you institution to leverage SMS (Text Messages) to achieve goals like; increase enrollment, keep the facilities clean, send urgent notifications, engage parents, engage students, remind students of their outstanding balances and more.

How other academic institutions are using TextingEngine:


Recruiters are reaching a lot of students with SMS. How are they doing it? On the printed advertisements they put something like "Text College13 to 99267" for more information. Whenever a prospective student text the keyword (College) to 99267, two things happens.

  • Firstly, the prospective student gets an automatic text message (SMS) reply with a link that takes him/her to a specific webpage (users will not spend much time navigating to find the information that you want them to see). This give the prospective students the ability to apply/register directly from his/her smartphone or simply read more about the programs without having to key in a long URL.
  • Secondly, as soon as the prospective student text the keyword, the short-code (e.g. Text SCH70 to 99267), our system automatically send the recruiter an email with the student's phone number. This is a powerful medium for generating meaningful leads. Recruiters can then call students and guide along the enrollment path.
  • Thirdly, the prospective student's phone number is stored in your TextingEngine contact list, thus you can send reminder about open houses and other recruitment efforts.

School closure and class cancellation

TextingEngine give your institution the ability to instantly notify students, parents, faculty and staff of emergency class cancellation and closures.

MOBILE APP LINK - Making it easy for people to download your app.

You want students or parents to download and install your app. Sometimes people will change their minds about downloading your app, not because of anything you do or not do but because of the frustration of downloading any app. Here are some of the frustrations:

  • Spelling the correct name.
  • Many similar name apps pops up in the search; which one do I choose?
  • Should I install your app where there are so many similar ones with better ratings or more reviews?

TextingEngine virtually eliminate all these frustrations by empowering you to setup a keyword and have you prospective user's text your keyword to our short code. TextingEngine will automatically respond with a text message to the user with a direct link to your app. The user clicks on a link and your app get installed on their phone. They don't even see your competition's app. Our system will automatically detect the type of device (Android or iOS) and route them to the respective APP store. Furthermore you can track these activities.

Important reminders like billing, urgent notifications and events

Students often miss deadlines and suffer consequences, for example, their classes being dropped for none payment; help them by sending them text reminders. Our text-merge feature will empower to send unique SMS messages each to each student with a single mass text message broadcast.

Keeping the Facility Clean and Safe

Who has up-to-the-minute knowledge of the status of your facilities? Your students, faculty and staff can help you to keep the campus clean and safe. For example, in the restrooms place a sign that states "Text BM2 to 99267 if this restroom needs attention". Whenever a student, faculty or staff member Text BM2 to 99267, an email will automatically be sent from TextingEngine to your janitorial staff.