Successful Real Estates agents are using SMS (Text Messages) to generate meaningful lead. How are they doing it? On their printed advertisement and yard signs, they put –for example- "text HOUSE71 to 99267" for more information. Whenever a prospective home buyer text the keyword (House71) to 99267, three things happens.

  • Firstly, the prospective home buyer gets an automatic text message reply with a link that takes him/her to the specific webpage of listing. This gives the home buyer the ability to view more pictures and information about the listing from his/her smart phone without having to key in a long URL or navigate your entire website.
  • Secondly, as soon as the prospective home buyer text the keyword to the short-code (e.g. Text HOUSE71 to 99267), our system automatically sends the real estate agent an email with the prospective home buyer's phone number. This means that you don't have to be logged into our system to get and contact your leads. This is a powerful medium for generating meaningful leads. Agents can now call the prospective home buyer and guide them along the path to home ownership.
  • Thirdly, the prospective home buyer's phone number is stored in your TextingEngine contact list, thus you can send him/her other listings until they find their ideal or dream house.