Sending text messages to groups within your congregation or to your entire congregation is easy with Texting Engine. You can effectively announce a new sermon series, fill big events, and send cancellation notices. In a matter of seconds your congregation will have a copy of the message you sent.


It cost at least 28 cents to print a high quality flyer, which mostly ends up in the garbage. Using TextingEngine text messaging service, you could put a picture of your flyer on every phone in your church for less than 4 cents each. This is a highly effective medium, as you know everyone reads their text messages! TextingEngine online SMS service is being used to help keep buildings clean. In the restrooms you may see a sign that states -for example- "Text RRM2 to 99267 if this restroom needs attention". Whenever a member text according to the request, an email from TextingEngine automatically alerts the cleaning staff - how cool is that?

Daily Devotionals - Keeping the flock engaged

Most people have a smartphone with internet access. TextingEngine gives you the power to send the theme of sermon, the take-away and a link to a whole passage of scripture.


In a text message you can send an URL link (For example this short URL is a selected scripture reading on "Sermon on the Mount"). Normally this would be the a 73 character link: This give members of focus-groups the time and convenience to read ahead, where ever they are. Futhermore you could track how many people opened the link and what type of device they use.


The church cannot operate without money. Text message reminder is a powerful tool for increasing donations & contributions.

  • Mission trip
  • Building Fund
  • Funding Community outreach
  • Benevolent Fund (Helping a families or individual in need)