Successful car salesman are using SMS(text messages) to generate meaningful lead. How are they doing it? On their printed advertisements and/or cars, they are put something lik "You could be driving this car for less than $199/Month, text CAR71 to 99267 to find out how" for more information. Whenever a prospective buyer text teh keyword (CAR71) to 99267, three things happens.

  • Firstly, the prospective buyer gets an automotic text message (SMS) reply with a link that takes him/her to webpage that salesman website. This gives the prospective buyer the ability to see more pictures of the car from his/her smartphone without having to key in a long URL.
  • Secondly, as soon as the prospective buyer text the keyword to the short-code (e.g. Text CAR71 to 99267), our system automatically sends the salesman an email with the buyer's phone number. This is a powerful medium for generating meaningful leads. The Sales can then call the prospective buyer and guide along the path of owning the car.
  • Thirdly, the prospective home buyer's phone number is stored in your TextingEngine contact list, thus you can send him/her other car and new arrivals - you will still have that contact for later to encourage to upgrade to a newer car.