TextingEngine has help many organization to achieve success with their SMS and MMS marketing campaigns; here are some of their experiences working with us

"I am a numbers guy and the ROI on printed flyers were not making it. I reach out and found TextingEngine. At the time, their MMS capability was cutting-edge but now I see others trying to catch up. Within a month I had about 800 customers – can you imagine, I could put a copy of my flyers in their hands instantly. The ROI was phenomenal. For less than 30 bucks I invite a thousand people to my club. I love this stuff… truly remarkable way to grow my business. Another thing, I had very few question as the TextingEngine website is easy to use but it is really nice that is easy to get someone to help me."

"We launched a great service wherein students can print their paper from their android or Apple IOS devices (iPhone or iPad). The only problem we had was that the URL to download the app was too long. TextingEngine made it easy for students to download our mobile printing app. "

"It's shocking to know that the solution to my most complex and longstanding problem is texting. In the past, we spent so much time and money to all kinds of marketing campaigns with little or no results. TextingEngine simply works by bring a ton load of customers in the door. This is application is nothing short of magical."

"I knew that I had to find a way to disrupt all the distractions that our youth had to deal with today. I tried everything…
Email was too slow; by the time most of our youth got to the email the event had already pasted.
App did work because:

  • Although most of them have smart phones not everyone the had.
  • They did not want to use too much of their “data plan” on the App.
  • They were somewhat uncomfortable knowing that most Apps could possibly have access to their pictures, text, etc.

TextingEngine was the perfect solution. With text message having 98% open rate, we are engaging our youth and bring back to a closer relationship with God."

We started using TextingEngine as a marketing tools where we would add to printed advertisements “Text COLLEGENOW to 99267”, needless this worked as a powerful lead generator for us as we capture the prospective students number, call them and get a good number of them enrolled. Now we using TextingEngine SMS service to help us keep the grounds clean, notify students of closure, important events, urgent matters, cancelation and outages.