Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a difference between SMS marketing and text message marketing?
No, both terms are synonymous and used interchangeably

What is SMS?
Short Message Service (SMS) is text messaging using mobile phones. The terms SMS, “Short Message Service”, text, TXT are used interchangeably. SMS is limited to 160 characters but most smart concatenate (join) messages that are more than 160 characters.

What is MMS?
Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) gives you the ability to send pictures and very short videos between cell phones. At this time TextingEngine only support pictures.

How much does it cost to send an MMS?
We charge the same price for MMS and we do for SMS

Whis is a Short Code?
A Short Code is a five or six digit number used form text messaging (SMS and MMS). Short Codes are very convenient as they are easier to type and remember that a regular long number. Our share short code is 99267

What is a Keyword?
A keyword is a unique word (you can include numbers as well) that you create so that people can subscibe to your list or communicate with via our shared short code (99267). For example, if a restaurant owner puts up a sign that states "Text FOOD70 to 99267 for discounts and specials". As soon as a customer sends that text message he/she gets added to his contact list. In this example FOOD71 is the keyword. You can also create automatic text message replies with information that you prepost, links to your websites, good maps direction, etc

How can I check to see if my desired keyword is available?
Please enter your desired keyword below:


Do still get charged for message that were not received by the intended recipient?
Yes. Yes charge you for sending the messages. A message may not be delivered for reasons beyond our control. For example, a message not get delivered for resaon that includes but is not limited to, carrier content filtering, Landline, availability of the destination handset, etc

My account has 400 hundred contacts, if send a group message, will is count as 400 message?
Yes, as long as you keep the message under 140 charcters. If you go over 140 charcters the message count doubles to 800 messages.

My account has 500 hundred contacts, if send a group message with a picture (MMS), will is count as 500 message?
Yes, even though it cost more to send MMS we do not pass that cost to you. Please keep the message under 240 charcters. If you go over 240 charcters the message count doubles to 1,000 messages.

How can I collect numbers?
We give you four ways in which you can collect numbers.

  • Have your users’ text a “keyword”: This is the easiest way to build your contact list. Example: Create keyword “Food71”, create a contact group and put a sign “Text FOOD71 to 99267”. As soon as user text the keyword, their number gets added to your contact list.
  • Import contacts using a CSV file.
  • Manually type in your contact information
  • Your website/Facebook. In your TextingEngine account it is very easy to generate a short piece of code that you can copy & paste into your website. This automatically creates a form where in your users can subscribe to one or more contact list that you create.
  • The legal stuff: the FCC forbids you to send text message to anyone without their prior expressed permission.

Do I need a credit card for a free trial?
No, start your Free Trial now.

What do I get the in TextingEngine’s free trail?

  • 15 Messages (mms/sms)
  • 14 days trial
  • Instant access to shared Short Code
  • 1 Custom Keyword
  • No credit card required

Is there a limit to the amount of characters in a message?
Yes and no. SMS has a 160 character limit. To make room for the necessary legal requirements of opting-out, we reduce the limit to 140 characters. We allow you to go over the limit but we charge another credit.

Is my privacy protected?
Yes, our servers are secured with the industry's best security hardware, protocols and practices. We would never share your data or information with anyone for any reason. Even so, this medium should not be us to transmit sensitive information like SS numbers, DoB, and other personally identifiable information