Make It Easy for your App to be Downloaded

You want students or parents to download and install your app? Sometimes people will change their minds about downloading your app, not because of anything you do or not do but because of the frustration of downloading any app. Here are some of the frustrations:

  • Spelling the correct name.
  • Many similar name apps pops up in the search; which one do I choose?
  • Should I really install your app where there are so many similar one with many positive ratings?

TextingEngine virtually eliminate all these frustration by empowering you to setup a keyword and have your prospective user's text the keyword to our short code. TextingEngine will automatically respond with a text message to the user with a link to your app. The user clicks on a link and your app get installed on their phone. They don't even see your competition's app.

Our mobile OS detection makes it even easier - the sms autoresponse will contain only one URL. Our system will detect the mobile device operationg system and automatically redirect your users to the Google or Apple APP store respective of whether thy are using an Andriod or IOS device.

We make easy to track how many people click on your download app link/URL.