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Why TextingEngine?

Why TextingEngine

Where powerful and easy-to-use sms marketing tools will make your campaigns successful.

TextingEngine is a powerful but easy-to-use SMS messaging solution. TextingEngine's text message marketing (sms marketing and mms marketing) solutions is ideal for small, medium and large businesses; our low-cost, feature-rich services include keywords, texting autoresponder (aka sms autoresponder), sms mail-merge, and mobile surveys.

While competitors charge three times the amount for MMS messages (pictures/flyers), TextingEngine charges the same low cost for both sms and mms. This pricing model empowers you to visually enrich your communication and mms marketing campaigns with pictures/flyers; all for the same low cost.

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We will provide you with a dedicated 10 digit number (e.g. 718-555-12345) that you can you use to send and receive both plain text messages (SMS) and picture messages (MMS). You will have unlimited keywords. You can even forward calls received on this number to another number.

If you need a dedicated short code, please call us at 212-256-1039 and we will provision it for you so you could use this powerful texting messaging service to communicate with your current and prospective clients/customers. Only customers who send tens of thousands of text messages in single instances needs a short code.

Sending mass text message is not enough; to be successful you have to able to tailor each message to each recipient, making them feel special. Our feature-rich platform gives the capability to send mobile messages with high quality formatting, personalizations and pictures.

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Text Message Autoresponder/Auto Reply

Your customers can send a keyword to you TextingEngine assigned number (AKA shared short code) and they would instantly and automatically get a response with information that you pre-posted.

Text: Message Broadcast (MMS or SMS)

You can send one message from your account and reach thousands of current or prospective members or customers. You can set up unlimited groups and send targeted messages to each group. You have unlimited contacts as well.

MMS (Picture) or SMS Text Message Mail Merge

TextingEngine empowers you to personalize the MMS (picture) or SMS text messages that you send your clients, customers or members. Now you can easily create one message and merge it with a CSV file (Excel or Notepad) to create unique messages for hundreds or thousands of your clients, customers or members.


You do not need to retype similar messages over and over again. It is easy to create templates and edit them as needed when sending new messages.


Since texting message is so powerful and has so many uses, we empower you to pay for one account and create sub account that can be given to other individuals and/or departments. You (the main administrator has the ability to divide up your of message credits and keywords among the sub-accounts that you create.

Superb Customer Service

Help from a knowledgeable customer service agent is no more than a phone call away. Our agents will gladly give you a live demonstration of how to use your software. We are here to help you whether it is a simple tasks or setting up a complex MMS or SMS text message campaign. Our helpdesk is opened from 9-7pm Monday through Friday. Even so, our telephone messages and emails to support are monitored 24/7. After business hours issues are typically responded to with 2 hours.

SMS Text Message to eMail

TextingEngine gives you the capability to forward text messages you receive from your clients, customers or members to an email address of your choice.

Text-to-Win SMS Contest

Everyone loves gifts and giveaway prizes. Text-to-win sweepstakes promotions generate leads and increase the number of people who subscribe to your list. Create it in minutes, deploy it in seconds. People text your TextingEngine-assigned number using keywords that you create to enter your contest. Their mobile phone numbers are captured. After the contest is over, you will have all the participants’ phone numbers, which you can use to send them offers.

SMS Text and MMS Picture Message Coupon

Send coupons and other promotions via SMS text and MMS picture messages to drive in-store or online sales. MMS picture messaging takes texting to the next level by adding content in the form of images. MMS messages are ideal for delivering visually compelling messages in your marketing and communications campaigns. MMS and SMS coupons are powerful ways to generate new leads. Most MMS content is automatically downloaded to the handset, allowing customers to easily access your messages. Mobile apps and other forms of advertisements do not give you that flexibility and immediacy. This is the way to turn one-time clients into repeat customers!

TextingEngine; the most powerful sms application

sms marketing, urgent notification, appointment reminder. etc

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TextingEngine is amazing. Within a few months we had a huge database of customers. Customers are very responsive to text message discounts, this service has increased our revenue exponentially.

The wonderful and knowledgeable people over at TextingEngine helped us tremendously in the launch of our text sms marketing campaign. Needless to say it is a continuous success as each set of text message blast produces a packed event.

Now that I am using text message appointment reminders, I have close to zero “no show” for consultation appointments. Furthermore, my active clients are happy receive reminder about court dates and documents submission deadlines. Thank you TextingEngine.

We had a difficult time getting parents to attend PTA meetings. Communicating urgent and important message are an ease using TextingEngine. We have higher PTA and other event turn-outs. Text messaging also solves the problem of notes to the parents getting lost or misplaced.

I am shocked at how powerful this text message medium is for reaching and engaging prospective students. We almost double our enrollment since we implemented sms marketing… thank for showing us the way TextingEngine. PS., you made me into the hero of our marketing department.

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